5 Best Back Splash For Kitchen In 2021

The back splash is the layer of material that usually covers the space between a kitchen or bathroom wall’s cabinets and the countertop, spanning the length of the counter. The splash guard protects the wall behind the sink from water damage.

What Is A Back Splash In Kitchen?

As a decorative element back splash for kitchen can either stand out as a statement piece or blend in to complement the color scheme of the cabinets to bring a finished look to the room.

Choosing a back splash is often one of the more challenging choices in a kitchen remodel because of the many options available.

back splash for kitchen
Kitchen Back Splash

5 Best Kitchen Back Splash Ideas:


Today, tile is usually the most popular choice for kitchen back splashes because of its typical affordability, cleaning capabilities, and diversity.

Many types of tile are available, including subway tiles, mosaics, ceramics, glass, stone, porcelain, and penny tiles. A tile backsplash can be very affordable or extremely expensive depending on the material and whether or not it comes in peel & stick sheet or needs to be installed separately.

Ceramic tile, glass tile, and stone/marble tiles are the three most popular types of tile backsplashes.

Peel and Stick

A peel and stick back splash is the perfect option for homeowners looking to install a new back splash on a budget. You will save money both on the tile itself and on your installation costs because you won’t have to purchase additional materials for installation.

Installing this type of tile for a back splash is easy, and it offers many benefits. The only hard work is to cut the tile, peel it off, and attach it to the wall. In order to install this type of tile, you should make sure that the wall where it will be installed completely smooth.

As a result, the tiles will not stick properly and will not look professional. Like peel and stick tiles available in many styles and colors, you can update your kitchen with a new tile to give it a more polished look.


It is slightly more expensive and harder to install but can add a beautiful element to your kitchen. You can choose from a variety of colors for glass tile backsplashes, and because it is transparent, it allows you to use bolder colors and add visual interest without overpowering the eye.

Ceramic and glass are both easy to clean and maintain. No matter what kind of harsh cleaning solution you use on your tile, the colors of glass tiles will never fade. Before installing a glass tile back splash, make sure you love it.


Stone is another popular back splash material. A major benefit of using natural stone for your kitchen back splash is that it will give your room an instant update without spending too much money.

Due to the wide variety of natural stones, you can create a unique look for your kitchen. Adding a stone slab to the back wall of your kitchen will create a high-end look. Stone back splashes can also be installed slightly below the countertop, leaving the rest of the walls bare.

Add a tile backsplash or beautiful wall paint color to complete the look. Additionally, this is an extremely budget-friendly option that is much cheaper than similar alternatives.


Cut the plywood into horizontal strips, paint them white, and arrange them vertically along the walls. Alternatively, you can add some natural flair to your kitchen by using a reclaimed wood backsplash.

Wood can be a great addition to any kitchen, especially nautical or rustic kitchens, with the appropriate sealing. Because of its versatility, wood is a favorite choice for pot racks.

It is easy to find a pot rack that will match the wood in your kitchen, depending on the type of wood you use. If you want to warm up your kitchen, you can purchase a pot rack made of mahogany or cherry. The lighter woods like oak and bamboo offer an updated and airy look for your kitchen.

If your wooden pot rack has been constructed properly, you will not have any problems with it breaking or being damaged by the weight of your pots and pans.


In the kitchen, backsplashes drip down the wall behind the counter, causing drywall damage and even mold growth. You choose to design your kitchen or bath, backsplash tiles add a beautiful visual element to your space that makes cleaning a breeze.

Additionally, a beautiful backsplash can add value to your home.

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